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News Flash!  God Speaks Pink and God Speaks Blue are approved by Young Life International and featured in SUSIE Magazine July 2010 edition (formerly Brio Mag)!

Order Now: Click on the link below!

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Available:  (Kindle format available) or ask for them at any bookstore nationwide (God Speaks Pink’s ISBN 978-1449990848 and God Speaks Blue’s ISBN 978-1456504601)  Also: Look for it at Young Life Camp Bookstores! Don’t see it? Ask the retail manager…

It’s the story of…Four teenagers, Four spiritual journeys, Four unique lives…

God Speaks Pink…to teenage girls is the story of four high school girls trying to understand life within their families, their friends, and their youth culture. God reaches out, with love and truth, wanting to have a relationship with them. The question is…Are they listening? And if they are…What will they do about it?

God Speaks Blue…not just for teenage guys is the continuation of the story but from the guys’ perspective. Every reader will identify, in some way, with the strengths and weaknesses of these characters and the conflicts they encounter. God speaks to them, offering His love, grace, and Truth.

The God Speaks Trilogy is for every teenager and for the adults who care about them. It can be read as fiction for entertainment or for a book/Bible study complete with questions at the end of each chapter. The last book in the trilogy, God Speaks Purple, is in the writing process.

12 Responses to “Home: Preview & Order”

  1. Alex Klopfenstein says:

    Hey Mrs. Butt,

    This is alexis from first period. i would also like to know when your book comes out, i would like to read it. from the front it looks good.

  2. WOW….that sounds like a really good book! I think i might have to get it:) Oh yeah hows your spelling going?haha:)

  3. adeleine says:

    ooo when does this book come out it sounds good and is it available in England? :)

  4. To order, there are 3 websites you can go to (see my home page). You might also try a bookstore in England. Make sure to take the ISBN 978-1449990848 and they may be able to order it for you.
    Hope you enjoy!

  5. Kirstin Malone says:

    hey your book looks good and is it in the lybrari and if it is then where is it because i want to read it.

  6. Jayne F. says:

    Hi Lisa,
    Just ordered your book, GOD SPEAKS PINK. i’M WAITING FOR GOD SPEAKS BLUE. I had a 15 year old son and need advise. am hoping your books will help guide me. You told me about GOD SPEAKS PURPLE

  7. T. Wilmoth says:

    Hmm.. these books seem interesting Mrs. Butt. This reminds me of a book i was writing, Bionicle: Ritsuka’s Discovery, but that bit the dust, due to me loosing all 5 chapters of it…
    I just might read God Speaks Blue, maybe even God Speaks Purple just for kicks. Your succeeding in life with writing! I am very happy for you! If you do have any questions about stuff or whatever, which is most likely not going to happen, just message me, talk to me at school, or whatever.

    Good luck your future books! ^_^

    W.W.S. Services

  8. Hey Toby,
    Goood to hear from you! Actually, you should read God Speaks Pink. It’s the first book and you will like hearing the girl’s thoughts! I would love to know your thoughts about the books. God Speaks Pink is also on Kindle through Amazon. You can download it on your PC! The blue book should be out in a week or so. Have a good week! Thx for visiting my website! Mrs. Lisa Butt

  9. Kenzie Weller says:

    Hey, Mrs Butt. I was at the book fair, and got your book. It was great. Toby, if you want, you can borrow my copy. I can”t wait for God Speaks Blue. :)

  10. hawaii says:

    Thanks for this blog. Thats all I can say. You most positively have made this weblog into something thats eye opening and important. You clearly know so much in regards to the subject, youve covered so many bases. Great stuff from this a part of the internet. Once more, thank you for this blog.

  11. Good write-up, I’m regular visitor of one’s site, maintain up the excellent operate, and It is going to be a regular visitor for a long time.

  12. Serena W. says:

    I loved reading both of these books!! Mrs. Butt was an amazing teacher & an even better mentor. I’ve always looked up to her, reading her books was as eye-opening & incredible as any of her advice has ever been!! I am looking forward to reading the next book!!

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God Speaks teenage girls is the first book in the trilogy. The next book, God Speaks Blue...not just for teenage guys, is a continuation from the guys' perspective, and the third book will follow - God Speaks Purple...because pink and blue make purple. Enjoy!

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